At Hammerstone Markets, we work tirelessly to accommodate our clientele. We utilize the most trusted names on Wall Street to provide access to our content. Whether you’re an institutional trader at a bank, hedge fund, family office or managing your own portfolio, Hammerstone Markets makes access easy as our platforms are widely accepted across the industry. Our options include:


Communicate securely and effectively with integrated messaging. Protect your data with end-to-end encryption and comply with global regulations both within and across enterprises.
Take your market news on the go: Symphony offers a mobile app version of the feed as well.


Built on openfin technology, the Hammerstone Market’s proprietary news platform provides clients with customizable solutions to fit their news feed needs. Available online or as a desktop application, the Hammerstone App can be used for news feeds and chat room. We can remove chat capability or create chat rooms specifically for approved group users.