Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Others Face Probe from Irish Authorities


Social media giant Facebook Inc. is facing seven different data-protection probes in Ireland as the regulators implement the new GDPR rules and fine the company a huge amount of money.

Facebook, Apple, Twitter, to be affected

The Irish regulators are clamping down on big tech companies for violating the new GDPR rules in the country. The investigation into Facebook’s activities is one of the 16 cases the regulators are looking into, with other tech giants such as Twitter Inc., Apple Inc., and LinkedIn Corp. expected to be affected. The investigation is also looking into WhatsApp and Instagram.

Helen Dixon, Ireland’s data protection commissioner during an interview, stated that the regulators in Ireland opened probes “centered on the activities of very big internet companies with tens and hundreds of millions of users.” She revealed that regulators in other EU countries are also investigating similar data protection cases against these companies.

The new GDPR rules in EU has given the local regulators the power implement hefty fines on companies that violate data protection rules, and the local regulators are looking to take advantage of that. If found guilty, the companies would be fined as high as 4 percent of their annual revenue.

This news comes just days after the French regulators fined Google a record $47 million after the company violated some data protection rules. Market analysts believe that the Google fine would not be the last and more tech companies will be affected by the new regulation.

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