Hammerstone Markets Pro was specifically developed for traders, active portfolio managers and other market participants. We are staffed by traders who quickly analyze market situations and, if applicable, give immediate context with insight not available to other news outlets. At Hammerstone, we deliver instant news and analysis for professional traders via FINRA compliant messaging platforms.

Key Features:

  • REAL TIME CURATION of financial feeds, Wall Street research, communities and social media by Traders for Institutional Traders. We are breaking news via the community as well as filtering the noise from elsewhere. We are mining for proprietary research signals from our constantly updated database.
  • MARKET COMMENTARY: Real time alerts on important factors which will affect or are affecting the market, including technical factors and looks from the floor etc.
  • ACTIONABLE CONTEXT, if applicable, within seconds and minutes, utilizing our real time database of accumulated Wall Street research.
  • DISTRIBUTION via 100% FINRA Compliant social media policy compliant Instant Message Platforms and via API
  • INTERACTIVE PRO FORUM Professional clients can ask questions, either “one-to-many” or “one-to-one,” depending on their needs and compliance constraints. Both formats allow the power of the community to be tapped for information and real time context for the trader.